Why you need Movavi to convert all of your videos?

In this note we teach you how to convert all video formats, from those that capture a digital camera to those that use a portable player.

When we explain how to play video files on the PC we talk about the wide variety of existing video formats. On that occasion, we also highlight the importance of special software and how it acts together with the video player installed on the computer.
The wide variety of video formats and the different compression alternatives make the home user, in some cases; think that it is a complex task to handle this. However, as in many other IT topics, we can find solutions for professionals and simpler options, which can be adjusted perfectly for the home audience. In this opportunity we will talk about an issue that is recurrent when we use means of capture of video or portable players: the conversion to different formats. In fact, conversion to different formats is not the only problem. Videos that take up too much space on the hard drive are also a second problem that is no less important than the first. You need a universal solution that is able to overcome these two classic problems.

Do your videos take up too much space on your hard drive? Do you want to watch your videos but your device does not have enough memory? Movavi Video Converter will help you! You can conserve hard disk space by reducing the size of large files without losing quality. In this tutorial you will learn how to make your files smaller. Indeed, we’re talking about the best video resizer!

Step 1: Run Movavi Video Converter If you still do not have our program, click here and follow the instructions to download and install the program.

Step 2: Add your media files to convert Choose “Add Media”, open the folder with your files, select the one you want to convert and click on “Open”

Step 3: Choose the device or output format. You can also lower the resolution and maintain the same format – this will make your file smaller, although it could affect the quality of the video. If you want to maintain the format and resolution, the best option is to change the bit rate. You can make your video file smaller by applying the lower bit rate. Just click on “Apply”. Yes! You heard about changing the format!

Step 4: Start the conversion. Movavi Video Converter allows you to get rid of unwanted scenes, and this will also help to reduce the size of your file. Choose the folder where you want to save the converted file. Finally, click on the “Convert” button. It’s done! Download Movavi Video Converter, save space on your hard drive and maintain the quality of your favorite videos.

Using Movavi is the smart way that is recommended for every professional. If you are really serious in video-based business, of course you will use only serious helper software as well.

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