Trendy Compression Tights For Athletes Do Not Improve Performance

Trendy Compression Tights For Athletes Do Not Improve Performance

Fashion is becoming the first most priority of everyone, similarly trendy compression tights are introduced for athletes claims that they improve performance and speed up recovery but research shows they don’t improve performance.

The trendy compression tights are becoming a must-have item for the athletes and sportsperson where the research funded by the Nike conducted and reveal that these garments greatly reduce the muscle vibrations and don’t reduce the performance.Trendy Compression Tights For Athletes Do Not Improve Performance

The research also claims that this kind of trendy tights does not reduce even the muscle fatigue when compared to running without the tights and never boost up running speed.

  • The trendy compression was popular among all the sports person including Paula Radcliffe, as leggings are worn to lessen muscle vibrations and prevent the fatigue but news of expensive leggings was surprised all athletes.
  • The researchers concluded that compression leggings affect remain same to others, as the participants should need to run on the treadmill with their 80 percent of maximum speed, once with wearing the compression and once without them.
  • The researchers captured the activities of the athletes and participants to complete the study as they track with the sensors embedded in a measurement of foot landing while wore heart rate-motion and leg strength and the jump was measured before and after the treadmill.Trendy Compression Tights For Athletes Do Not Improve Performance
  • The results were shocking as the runners don’t have any strain on their joints at the end of the training run that at the beginning and compression tights should not reduce the fatigue in runners, according to the leading researcher.
  • The actual idea is that compression tights put pressure on the athlete muscle that prevents vibration but reducing vibration through compression doesn’t link with reduction of fatigue.

The researchers added that we had research on every athlete for 30 minutes and reveal the results but long term study was found to reveal the actual results at present compression and without compression tights for athletes remain same according to study.

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