Tour guide: How can you travel in low budget?

People spend all their life in the same place, without enjoying the charm of the world. This kind of life is shitty.  Many secrets have kept in this world if you want to know them you have to search for them.

Many people think that “You have to be rich for traveling”. But this isn’t true at all. You don’t have to be rich for traveling. Traveling is a passion. What matters most is which thing you give priority to. If you don’t have enough money, then stop spending your money on expensive clothing, and save it.  If you want to travel you just need to be smart.

Work overseas to pay your travel expense:


You can pay for your traveling expense by working overseas. This requires a bold thinking.  There are many jobs opportunity for you in the world. You can work as a waiter, bartender and casino worker etc. You cannot get a highly paid job overseas. But you paid enough to pay your expenses. There are multiple websites available online which can help you to find a job.

Stay with locals:

You can get free accommodations while traveling. There are many peoples who offer free accommodations for the traveler. Save your money, and try to get such accommodations. Sometimes you get a room, a couch, or maybe you get a mattress on the floor.

Make friends:

When you are staying with the locals, they might help you to meet more peoples.  By making friends you get many other benefits. They will help you to visit different places, you will get a discount on different things.


If you get a free accommodation, they definitely have a kitchen. Maybe they offer you food. But if they don’t, go get your own groceries and cook your meal. Get some crockery with you such as your own silverware and cans… make some sandwiches. You can save a lot of money by doing so.

Sharing economy:

Find more travelers, make contact with them.  So you can share bills and travel expense. Use ridesharing applications, and ask locals about the different things. Because they know which market is the cheapest… Which hotel offers tasty food at low rate.

Use student card or other discount cards:


Many hotels and restaurants offer discounts for students. You can get benefit by using your student card. And if you are not a student then get discounts vouchers. By doing so you can save a lot.

Stay nights at large dorms:

If couch-surfing is not your thing then you can stay the night in hotel dorms room.  They provide you cheapest accommodations. This is the best way of saving money on a place to sleep.


With a little creativity, bold thinking and with patience. You can travel the world with a low budget.

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