The Use of Technology in the Field of Healthcare

The Healthcare field is well-established, and as a result, hasn’t seen too much difference in the past few decades. Technology, however, is promising to change this, especially those such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, 3D Printing and so on.

Emerging Healthcare companies in India understand the importance of technology, and how it can use to help grow them. Here are some of the techniques that are popularly used by these companies.

Artificial Intelligence: Algorithms and software can be used to analyze complex software data. They are primarily tasked with finding a relationship between treatment and prevention techniques with outcomes in patients. They are used widely in the development of drugs and are also used for monitoring and care of patients. By eliminating the need for human inputs, artificial intelligence has incredible applications in the healthcare industry.

One of the best examples of AI in healthcare is Google’s DeepMind, which is used in conjunction with the National Health Service of UK to detect health risks. Microsoft’s Hanover project is involved in analyzing the best cancer treatments for patients.

Big Data Analytics: Big data is seeping into every industry, and its potential in healthcare is enormous.

  1. Analysis of EHRs (Electronic Health Records): Healthcare costs can significantly reduce by aggregation and interpretation of data from doctors and hospitals. It is also possible to suggest better solutions with a vast array of data available.
  2. Public Health Research: There is an incredible amount of data in the medical profession. A lot of information about medical conditions and treatments are submitted by hospitals, but without analytics, the data is useless.
  3. Improved Administration: With Big Data, it becomes easier to decrease the cost of care measurement. Netter clinical support can be provided, and it helps medical experts analyze data from numerous sources.

3D Printing: 3D printing is currently one of the most popular technologies and is becoming quite accessible to the public. Its applications in the healthcare industry are game-changing.

  1. Personalized prosthetics: Prosthetics can be custom designed for a specific patient, allowing them to feel entirely comfortable, and also ensuring that it remains affordable. Traditional prosthetic equipment tends to be mass-manufactured, and only minor adjustments are made.
  2. Tissue Engineering: Human organ transplants could potentially be a thing of the past. Using stem cells as the base material, rather than metal or plastic that is commonly used, it is possible to create organoids. These organoids once transplanted into the body will grow and be able to replace an organ when it fails.
  3. Pharmacology: Life for patients with multiple ailments is quite tricky as it is. Having to take numerous pills, at various times of the day is tiring. With 3D printing, it is possible to create a single pill that contains all the various ingredients needed and can be made to be released at different times.

New funded Healthcare companies in India are quite aware of the impact technology can have. This is the reason many of these companies are funneling a lot of their resources into establishing these systems and technologies.

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