The iPhone 8 actually come with Apple’s best accessory for free

The iPhone 8 actually come with Apple’s best accessory for free

The Apple iPhone is the most used brand in the mobile industry worldwide and the rumors for the iPhone remains popular and it’s been over six months since the iPhone 7 was released and it is no surprise people were looking towards the next model.

The Apple next smartphone is iPhone 8 and still there is surprise about its technology and advancement as iPhone 7 has ditched the headphone jack but iPhone 8 model comes along with the accessory of worth £160 free in the box.

The free accessory is the expensive iPhone Airpods as the iPhone 7 and 7 plus currently packed with the wired EarPods with a lightning connector as they ditched the headphone jack but the new model iPhone 8 will provide you free access towards wireless buds right out of the box.

The news comes from the analyst at JPMorgan that the iPhone 8 comes along with the wireless Airpods in the box as the currently cost of the airpods is £160 to buy from the Apple’s store – the news made the customers happy as the airpods consists of lot of advantages and provide the hand free access to the mobile phone.

Let’s have look towards airpods:

The rumors of the iPhone 8 are at the extreme as the Apple launched the brilliant device this time that competes with the other technologies in the world and impressive model than the previous ones but the Apple’s airpods are still popular among the people.

The plenty of people still ordering the airpods as they made the online order towards the airpods and still need to wait until six weeks and this high demand shows the importance of impressive accessory.

The airpods comes along with the variety of features as they can easily link to your iPhone and apple watch with the Bluetooth and perform the activities accordingly as they play the music and sensors are available that detect when they are in your ears.

Siri is the impressive artificial intelligence of the Apple and you have access towards assistant as you can control your music and volume or even check your battery status using Siri and airpods deliver up to 5 hours of listening time and special case that double charge the airpods.The iPhone 8 actually come with Apple’s best accessory for free

The apple also launched feature find my airpods to secure the airpods from losing and the data shows that 98 percent of people are still satisfied with the purchase of airpods and having this product in the box of iPhone 8 remains awesome for the customers.

Let’s have look towards iPhone 8:

The device body is rumored to feature a glass body and a curved OLED display and the home button is touch sensitive with dual-lens camera – the rumors of the device are still popular and claims that the iPhone 8 will have better image stabilization for its camera.

The 3D-facial recognition system, wireless charging and improved speakers with the waterproofing are still the rumored features of iPhone 8.

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