Thanks to technology Meet the 'doctors' who will talk to you whenever you like

Thanks to technology: Meet the ‘doctors’ who will talk to you whenever you like

Have you ever thought of taking advice from the mobile phone instead of check up through a traditional doctor?

The technology is growing rapidly and experts are working on mobile technology to provide users a platform where one can enjoy the beauty of the life and health tips with the use of mobile phone instead of planning trip outside but this time health apps and catboats eventually revolutionize the atmosphere of the modern world!

A new virtual app known as ‘JOY’ provides relax to the person and designed to use by the patients to remove their loneliness through storytelling in virtual reality.

Joy probes a bit deeper:Thanks to technology Meet the 'doctors' who will talk to you whenever you like

  • The joy will ask a list of question from the patient to learn the current state of the person i.e. Let’s talk about how you are feeling past 30 days?
  • The virtual reality app asks deeper questions such as Do I feel hopeless or restless? Your respond towards these questions will provide you several de-stressing techniques for your health.

A reaction of people towards the app:

  • The people added that using the virtual reality app i.e. Joy appears to by my personal counselor or life coach and one can understand the situation of the person but the fact is that it is artificial intelligence and using machine learning through emotions and provide mental health support.

Danny Freed added Joy was a friend or coach:Thanks to technology Meet the 'doctors' who will talk to you whenever you like

  • The app was founded by the Danny Freed as his best friend commit suicide and wants to secure the people in future. He added that we are living in the society where people focus towards the physical appearance and damage but nobody focus towards the mental health.
  • He says that the app is pretty smart and intelligent provides the number of techniques and exercises to open up about their feelings and mental health.
  • He added that Joy is not the diagnostic tool or for the clinical purposes but it uses for the person to think as a friend or coach. The manufacturer of the app is careful while claiming different facts about their progress.
  • The technology is growing rapidly on a regular basis as many chat bot platforms are available where one can help users track their moods and spot the early stages of depression but they are paid and Joy will provide you free services.

The experts added that patients shouldn’t need to rely on these apps for the replacement of doctors, these apps will help the person but it can’t able to equipped in all the parts of the life.

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