Spain rescued 600 migrants within 24 hours

Spain rescued 600 migrants within 24 hours

The Spain’s coast guard remains stunned when he found that more than 500 migrants crossing from Morocco in just one day.

The guard added that they had found 599 people fewer than 600 since the early hours of the day and a large number of people had rescued in one day.

The details of migrants show that these people were found in 15 vessels including toy paddle boats and a jet ski. The people contain 35 children and a baby.

A spokesperson for coast guard:Spain rescued 600 migrants within 24 hours

  • The spokesperson for the coastguard added that ‘they have stunned to view a lot of people coming to the Spain in one day and the number of boats is unusual’
  • The persons that are coming to the Spain are three times as many as in the same period last year. This route between Morocco and Spain is used by the migrants to reach Europe.
  • The UN says that more than 9000 people moved to the Spain this year and shows that relatively large amount of people were migrating from one place to another.
  • The statistics also show that nearly 120 people had drowned during the attempt of crossing the borders.
  • The number of migrations with the Spain shows that this time region will increase the number of migrants as compared to the Greece this year.

Many are adopting the paddle boats instead of the motor ones and used the cheap methodology for people smuggling network. The reports also told that some migrants use the social media to inform the authorities if they caught in territorial waters.

However, a much larger number of migrants nearly 100,000 have crossed from the Libya to Italy since the last year and the IOM says that 2242 people died during this route.

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