Six most fascinating places in UK

Great Britain is one the top tourists attraction-It is very fascinating to visit England- a country with rich history, the mixture of varied nations and one of the history’s most powerful empires. One of pleasure is the ease in exploring this beautiful country, thanks to its size-the whole UK could easily fit in the whole of Texas.

While a tour to England, you can base yourself in the cities like London or Liverpool and could take a train from there to visit the other areas. This country has many appealing things to see from beautifully preserved estates and castles to world-class art galleries and libraries.

If you are planning a tour to England you should visit these places:

Stonehenge mystery:


Stonehenge mystery is a massive stone monument located at the city of Salisbury, England. No one knows who had built this and why its history is more than 4500 years old. The size and mysterious history brought thousands of tourists every year and hundreds of them gather over this ancient monument to watch the sunrise. Although weather and climate together put lots of damage to this monument, it is still breathtaking destination in England.

The Lake District:

Lake District is the gem of north UK if you are interested in hiking, photography or to visit famous poet houses then this is the best place for you. You can get there by taking a train from London, 2.5 hours of travel with a cost of 22 pounds.  These speaking trains journey you won’t find at any other place in London, once you reached there you’ll be astonished by its captivating and full of cosy pubs.

Edinburg castle:

Edinburg castle is one the most stunning places, it was constructed on the atop castle rock. This castle shows the greatness of England royal history. The view from here will amaze you, you can get best sunset view from the top of the castle.

The sun will usually set here at 10 pm.

Cleethorpes Beach, Lincolnshire, England:

Cleethorpes is a beachside British resort; it is the one of the most loved countryside resort by the tourists in England. It is a place for a walk on miles of beautiful golden sand. It’s a perfect place for a whole family tour around the year.

Giant Causeway:

It is located in Atrim, Ireland –it is an area that interlocks 40,000 basalt columns which were the result of volcanic eruption. There is a legend about this place which says that this path was made by Irish warrior to Scotland to fight his Scottish foe. This place had been subjected to several years of weathering but still the best cliff-top scenery in Europe.

Snowdonia, Wales:

Snowdonia is located in Wales, the most dramatic landscape in Europe. Its considered that 5 million years ago this place was a part of the sea bottom.  You might be thinking that British Empire holds no more surprises but when you’ll be mesmerized to see the u-shaped lake. You can walk on the top by taking various paths or Snowdon mountain railway.

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