Seven tips that will make you a master of Instagram

Seven tips that will make you a master of Instagram

Instagram was one of the coolest social platforms to share your photos with your friends and it was launched in 2010 for sharing filter photos with friends but later it becomes popular with 700m active users.

This app becomes the trend of a modern world and people are always looking for the perfect shots to share on media and become a social celebrity and here are some of the tips you need to know!

  • Get to grips with editing tool:Seven tips that will make you a master of Instagram

Instagram is the platform for photo sharing and provides you access to apply basic filters but you can have access with manual editing option by just tapping the edit button of the screen for photos. Plenty of effects are available as you can warmth, brightness, contrast and sharp the picture and able to blur the image from certain sections.

  • Don’t forget Instagram’s own apps:

Instagram is the platform one can filter the image in any other app and then share the image to the media but you can also get access towards three apps launched by the Instagram i.e. Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse and all of them are worth experimenting with. A layout is for collage images, Boomerang turns a collection of pictures in video and the last one is to shoot a video for as long you like.

  • Use Hash tags for a wider audience:Seven tips that will make you a master of Instagram

A hash tag is the new way to interact people with their most and many of us use this quite outstanding to tag their picture but if you are using hash tag it will provide you chance to meet wider audience but only if you use the relevant hashtags for your post.

  • Start using Stories:

The copied feature of Snap Chat i.e. Stories is also added in the Instagram as you see the bubble profile picture of your friends and see their photos and stories at top of the feed. These stories are only available for 24 hours. The experts added that first most story is always seen, so it is quite good to share a single story instead of too many posts.

  • Broadcast live video to the world:Seven tips that will make you a master of Instagram

The stories feature of the Instagram is not just limited to share the photo and video but you are able to broadcast the live video to your friends and followers around the world. You just need to add the story and click on a live option, you have the option to turn on or off the comments and some of your friends also receive the notification of your live broadcast.

  • Stay on top of privacy:

The Instagram is also the secure platform for sharing photos and videos with your friends as it provides you option i.e. privacy and you are able to change your account towards private or public and if it is private then followers should need to request you and you should need to approve them or have the option to hide comments or turn off comments.

  • Get yourself second account:Seven tips that will make you a master of Instagram

The Instagram provides you access where you shouldn’t need to sign in and out every time when you need to switch the accounts as you have an option to make two accounts i.e. one for everyone and other is for close friends.

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