Quit Smoking Within Just 72 Hours By This Tea Remedy!

Quit Smoking Within Just 72 Hours By This Tea Remedy!

Quitting smoking is a difficult task especially for the people when they are addicted to smoking – the research shows that nearly 80 percent of lung cancer occurs due to the smoking.

Smoking is dangerous for the human health as dangers of lung cancer, stroke, heart attack rapidly increasing in the people due to the reason of smoking as quit smoking is a difficult task but not impossible – it only requires the motivation of the person.

Why should you quit smoking?Quit Smoking Within Just 72 Hours By This Tea Remedy!

  • Some people quit smoking due to some kind of motivation as they want to save money they are spending on a pack of smoke daily while many people want to live healthier or want to enjoy the beauty of life with friends and family.
  • When you stop smoking, the changes will shortly visible to your body as it improves the skin of the person, teeth, nails and provides effective outcomes. The experts added that quit smoking will definitely improve the physical activity and you will feel more energy and lung capacity improves within days.

Natural remedy to quit smoking:Quit Smoking Within Just 72 Hours By This Tea Remedy!

You can easily quit smoking with a just cup of tea prepared with the help of lemon and other essential oil and black pepper that will help you to stay motivated to your goal and live healthy life – let’s have look towards method required to prepare this tea.

  • You need lemon essential oil, eucalyptus oil, and black pepper – you just need to mix these oils in equal amount, then add a pinch of black pepper and mix properly.
  • The idea is simple you just need to soak a cotton ball in the mixture and whenever you want to smoke just put in under your nose – using this remedy for several days and it will definitely help you to quit smoking and continue until you have no longer desire to smoke.

Ideas to quit smoking:Quit Smoking Within Just 72 Hours By This Tea Remedy!

One of the reasons that people remain unable to quit smoking is anxiety as quitting smoking lead to these people towards frustration and depression – the simple is that you should need to relax your body as possible for having positive outcomes towards your goal. Let’s have look towards tips that helps you to quit smoking:

  • Make a plan: You just need to motivate your body towards your plan and made actual promise to never smoke ever in the life since any date and repeat several times in a day that I will never smoke an even single cigarette and stick to your plan.
  • Consider your diet: If you love to smoke after dinner or lunch, you should need to change the routine as pizza insist you to smoke you should rely on the burger or rely on the fruits as they made cigarette tasteless and helps you to achieve your goal.
  • Let your friends and family known: You should need to aware your friends and family that you are quitting smoke as they will motivate you towards your goal and made plans of non-smoking to keep you busy whenever you need a cigarette.

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