North Korea Launches 3 Missiles Threatening The World

North Korea Launches 3 Missiles Threatening The World

North Korea was preparing his weapons for world war as it launches three missiles into the sea between Korean Peninsula and Japan.

The event happened on a Saturday morning and raises tension in the world. These missiles are short ranged and launched from a site in the North Korean province of Gangwon. The missile flew for about 250 km according to the officials in South Korea.

Three missiles were failed according to the US:

  • The officials added that North Korea had launched three weapons missile in the morning but all of them are failed.
  • The spokesperson added that the first and third missile was launched at 11:49 am and 12:19 pm failed in flight.
  • The second missile that was launched at 12:07 pm appears to blow almost immediately.

Purpose of missile:

  • The analyst added that it was believed that these missiles were not launched to threaten the US as North Korea launched fired last month to threaten the region.
  • Japan’s spokesperson also cleared that these three missiles do not directly threaten the Japan as they didn’t fall into Japan territorial waters. Japan has deployed missile inspector after North Korea threatened to fire a projectile over Japan.
  • It is believed that North Korea latest tests of missile come in the response of military exercises of South Korea involving the US.
  • The North Korea is always against these exercises as it believed that it was the preparation of an attack.

The military and intelligence department of South Korea and the US are working to find out the trajectories of the projectiles and other data to identify them. The military is keeping a tight surveillance on North Korea to cope with further provocations.North Korea Launches 3 Missiles Threatening The World

Tensions in a world are increasing rapidly:

This was not the first time North Korea violating the rules and regulation and threatening the world. Tensions are already increased in the world as a harsh exchange of threats between Pyongyang and Washington. The US president Donald Trump also warned the North Korea and added that the region would face fire and fury if he threatened the US.

Thousands of South Korean and US troops are taking part in the military drills, a large computer simulated exercise that runs for two weeks. This launch comes after when North Korea threatens the US to launch a missile towards Guam.

North Korea had launched a missile recently on 28 July while the nation also tested a wide range of missiles. The country also carried out nuclear attacks while the warnings from the US and the globe continue.

Kim also ordered to produce more rocket engines and missiles when he visited a chemical laboratory, an agency that is working for missile program of the nation.

The diagrams of missile show that they are working for the missile that reaches any part of the US mainland including Washington. It is also believed that they are working to develop a solid-fuel missile that could be used for submarine launches.

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