New smartphone app could help millions of diabetes sufferers

New smartphone app could help millions of diabetes sufferers

Usage of a smartphone has become the part of our lives and providing plenty of benefits to the people as change the lifestyle of people where the scientists have introduced a new app i.e. most needed technology for a modern lifestyle.

Every third person in the world was suffering from type1 or type2 diabetes and risk of illness with the blindness, amputation, heart disease and stroke.

They are facing a lot of problems and was working hard to survive the condition as many superstars were also suffering from the problem and need to inject insulin up to five times a day i.e. really difficult to work on schedule.New smartphone app could help millions of diabetes sufferers

But scientists have introduced the revolutionary app of the smartphone that is capable of detecting the person health about blood pressure, diabetes and heart beat.

The health app provides the accurate results according to the scientists and undergoes clinical tests in the coming months that will cut the need of the patient to prick the finger for diabetes test that remains uncomfortable and inconvenient for them.

App will work with the camera lens:

  • The app requires the patient to install on their smartphone and works with the collaboration of camera where you need to place your fingertip over the camera lens of the mobile phone that captures the series of the close-up images.
  • This will convey the information of the patient related to diabetes, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation without a need of pricking the finger.
  • The similar innovations were also introduced in the modern world where they use the technology of laser and sensor pad but the scientists want to develop the app that provides the accurate results of the personal health.
  • The makers of this app believe that this was one of the perfect innovation in the world that provides the accurate results and measure the ability of insulin requires the person and determine whether someone is pre-diabetic.New smartphone app could help millions of diabetes sufferers

The experts believe that this app will revolutionize the modern lifestyle of the people and provide a chance to the people to remain healthy as they are able to detect their present state of health.

The app maker added that the app that tells the information of the person without a drop of blood is the exciting technology in the world and allows us to capture the vital information of systematic way and produce the consistent results.

He added that measuring the sugar level with the drop of blood is really uncomfortable for many people but with the help of latest innovation will provide the huge difference among the lifestyle of the people.

This app was free to download by the end of the year as it took over three years for development of the app.

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