Microsoft 10 update removes programs from OS including 32-year old Paint

Microsoft 10 update removes programs from OS including 32-year old Paint

If you are using the Microsoft famous program ‘Paint’ that remains available in every version of the Windows then you need to change your mind and look for another app.

This time Microsoft has announced to kill the famous Paint program available in every version with the latest update of Windows 10.

The Paint program was introduced in 1985 and was included by the firm in every version and it was about to kill the program that is running for nearly three decades.

Microsoft announces to remove many features:

The autumn update of the Microsoft Windows 10 was ready and was released in the future and this update will remove or discard many of the windows feature – let’s have look towards them.

  • Microsoft has announced that they are either removing these mentioned programs from the Windows and if they are available then they are not in active development and remove in the next update.
  • Windows 10 also introduces the 3D paint, an alternative to paint program and it was the perfect advanced software in which you are able towards 3D modeling application and used for designing apps and video games.
  • The Microsoft app ‘Paint’ was one of the best editing programs introduce three decades ago and was the first program used by millions of users.
  • Microsoft also announced to remove the old outlook express entirely from the latest update coming early in the future.
  • The Microsoft announced to add the functionality of reader and reading lists into Edge web browser.

The Microsoft is the most used operating system in the world and announced that people are able to upgrade their OS even if their period is ending at last of the year without any extra cost.

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