Is your makeup giving you allergies?

Skin care is not just limited to your moisturizer or your cleanser, it goes way beyond it. Whatever goes on your face has a lot of effect on your skin and its texture. It is possible that the new makeup product you just added in your makeup is responsible for that new zit on your face. In order to avoid this problem, our researcher has gathered some insight regarding the allergies you might get through your makeup. If you want to know more, just keep reading!

Things you should keep in mind

It is highly likely that the makeup you keep very safely near your bathroom skin has ingredients that might give you allergies like puffiness, redness or worsen acne. Some of these products are fragrances, preservatives and PPD (Phenylenediamine). Most people also don’t know that certain products can cause THEM allergies but can be fine for others. We’d advise you to keep your research up regarding the kind of skin care tips that suit you and your skin texture. Adding on to this, there are some products that react more under the sun and can give you those added burns because of certain products in your makeup. Make sure you avoid those too.

How to spot an allergic reaction

It is possible to develop allergies from almost anything and this can depend from person to person. If you want to know which product is giving you allergies, just notice how your skin changes after one or two days. If you get redness, pimples, hives or other skin issues your skin might have reacted to the new product. Another tip from our side can be that don’t use too many new products together. What this does is that it confuses you and your symptoms. You will not be able to judge that which product gave you that allergic reaction. Keep your pace slow and the quality high.

There can be various symptoms like looking older, having redness in various areas, dehydration and blemishes. Some of these symptoms and skin care tips are present in this article, for the rest you need to keep a very sharp and an observant eye.

The best way to shop for healthy makeup

Yes, you read it right! We just introduced you to the ‘healthy’ makeup world. It is important that our skin shines brightly along with other parts of the body. You don’t need to be a major in chemistry to know the ingredients you should avoid. There is one tip that will help you, don’t buy products which has ingredients you can’t read or pronounce. Simply, just don’t buy products which have ingredients you know nothing about.

Some preservatives like Parabens, Quaternium 15, Isothiazolinone, and Imidazolidinyl urea you should completely avoid. Go for fragrance-free products but don’t just go with the words written on the product, smell it for yourself because they hide the smells of unwanted chemicals under the fragrance. Propolis, thimerosal, lanolin, and wool alcohol are other products you should be wary of. Just make sure that you stay away from all these and if the issue doesn’t get resolved, ask your allergist to make a list of items you should not buy.


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