How to look gorgeous for your friend’s wedding

Is your bestie’s wedding just around the corner? Gearing up for looking stunning on her D day and slay the wedding pictures with the bride? Well, there are a few very simple and easy tricks to try out that will give you the perfect wedding look that you might be gunning for.

You can always take the help of wedding makeup tips in Hindi when in doubt and it is best to avoid a new parlor for dressing up. In fact, you can totally avoid going to the parlor if you want, but even if you do decide to go to one, then go to a parlor that you know. Well if you want to keep it stunningly simple and get yourself decked up at home, then here are some really useful tips to help you along the way:

  1. The first and the most important thing, that actually requires is planning what dress will you be wearing to the wedding. Is it a wedding or a reception or an informal gathering or mehendi and sangeet? Choose your outfit based on the occasions of the wedding. You will have to select them in such a way so that you can save the best and the most gorgeous one for the wedding day. Also while selecting the outfit, keep in mind that it should complement your figure and it is best to avoid something that makes you look bulgy if you have some extra fat here and there.
  2. When it comes to makeup, you need to make sure that you get your base right. Get a foundation that complements and blends well with your skin color, preferably one shade lighter than your skin tone and a similar face powder. Allow the makeup to sit for sometime before you go ahead with the next steps.
  3. Eyeshadows are a must for weddings. Since weddings are glittery and all about the shimmer, water-based gold eyeshadows work the best. You can blend gold and brown to create a perfect eyeshadow shade for your eyes. Watch youtube tutorials and learn how to correctly apply eyeshadow where you will find plenty of authentic makeup tips for the wedding party in Hindi.
  4. After the eyeshadow application is over, come to completing your eye makeup. First, apply some eyeliner. If you want to make it bold, then winged eyeliners are a very good option. These highlight your eyes a lot. Then go for some mascara. It is a must in case of winged eyeliners. Roll the mascara brush at the roots of your eyelashes and then pull them gently in clean strokes to the tip. Repeat the same for your lower lashes. Complete your look by lining your eyes gently with some kohl.
  5. And last but not the least, make sure you select the right lip color to go with your dress. Do not hesitate to opt for something bright, since weddings are the time to shine!

So now that you have these extremely useful wedding makeup tips, get all set to look stunning for your bestie’s wedding!

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