How to Create Survey Forms with AidaForm Online Form Builder

Technically it is possible to create a survey form by hand-writing the code – but that will be time-consuming. More importantly, if you don’t already know HTML as well as CSS and PHP, you’ll be in for a very steep learning curve.

Instead of putting yourself through all that, there is an easier option in the form of the AidaForm Online Form Builder. It is a platform that will let you build online forms using a graphical interface, and with its help, you can quickly create a survey form without any difficulty.

Before you jump in and start to use it, however, you should plan out the survey form that you want to create. Try to list down not only the questions you want to include – but also what type of fields will be needed.

If you’ve done all that it will only take a few simple steps to create your survey with AidaForm.

Step 1: Go to the AidaForm website and sign up for an account. It is free, and as soon as you’re done you can log in to the Members’ area.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Create a Form’ button and select a template from the list available, then enter the name you want to use for your form. Typically, it is best to start with a blank template for survey forms.

Step 3: In the Form Editor start to add the fields that you want to include in your form by dragging over ‘blocks’ containing the elements you want to use. Each block is fully responsive and will be set up automatically, though you can adjust its settings to customize the label based on the survey question.

Step 4: In the Form Designer you can choose one of the smart themes that you feel will fit your survey (and the platform it will be published on). The fonts and colors in the themes can be customized, and the changes will be applied consistently across the theme to ensure it looks professional. If you want, you can add a logo or background image to the form as well.

Step 5: Click the ‘Publish’ button and choose to publish the form as a direct link or embed code. The embed code is best if you want to insert the form in your website, whereas a direct link will be more flexible and let you share the form via email, social media, and other platforms.

Aside from its intuitive approach that will make it easy to build surveys, AidaForm will provide you with numerous other benefits. It has a diverse selection of fields that you can add, supports integration with various platforms, and will let you view and analyze the data in its web interface.

Be sure to explore the features in AidaForm fully when you try it out and see what they can do firsthand. More importantly, put the form builder itself to the test – and try to create your very own survey.

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