Home Remedies For Growth Of Nails Fast And Strong

Home Remedies For Growth Of Nails Fast And Strong

Your nails speak out of your style as everyone wants to grow their nails fast and strong as they add beauty to your hands and nail growth reflects the state of your overall health.

Nails are the jewels for anyone to add the beauty applying nail paints on them to speak towards the modern trends – nails are made up of a protein called keratin and you notice that your toenails grow faster than your hands.

Several factors contribute towards the slow growth of nails including the aging process, lack of a vitamin or hormonal changes and the effects of meditation – however you can enhance the growth of the nails with the natural remedies but make sure these are not miracles but fast the speed of growth.

  • Tomatoes:

Tomatoes are the rich source of the vitamin that is beneficial for the nails growth and make your nails glamor and beautiful – all you need is to juice the one tomato in the bowl with the addition of the olive oil to the juice and dip your nails for at least ten minutes. This is the promising natural remedy for the growth of the nails – you just wash out your hands and apply Vaseline to your hands.

  • Olive Oil:

You just need to use the olive oil as it is also the good natural remedy for the nail growth as you need to well moisturized your nails for the effective growth – all you need is to apply the warm olive oil before going to the bed and massage gently for five minutes and it will penetrate deep into the skin and help nourish your nails.

  • Orange Juice:

If you want to keep your nails strong and healthy then made the use of orange juice compulsory as it is rich in the vitamin C and good for the natural growth of the nails – all you need is to soak your nails with the orange juice for 10 minutes and rinse them water and you will get promising results with the use of this natural remedy.

  • Garlic:

This natural remedy is popular for securing the nails from any kind of infection and makes them healthy as it is known for antibacterial product – all you need is to apply the piece of garlic on your fingernails and rub them and wash your hands until the garlic is absorbed – you need to follow this remedy for one week and you will be stunned to see the surprising results.

  • Vitamin E:

You know that vitamin E is essential for the human body and it is also beneficial for the nails growth as you need to apply this vitamin to maintain the health of cuticles and cures the dry – all you need is to dip your nails in the source of vitamin E and rub it gently for getting positive outcomes.

  • Lemons:Home Remedies For Growth Of Nails Fast And Strong

If you have yellow nails then lemon will help you to treat the nails and gives your nails a nice shine – all you need is to add the lemon and olive oil and heat the solution in the microwave and apply this on your nails for getting promising results.

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