Heart Surgeries in India

Circulatory System and Heart

A human body system consists of a number of organs. These organs operate by exhibiting their particular functions that in turn regulate the whole body function of the body. These functions are very much crucial and even a simple miss in the function can cause a lot of problems. Peoples dying from multi-organ failure is very common nowadays where each of the organs starts malfunctioning or stops functioning cause derogatory reaction in the body. The human heart is one of the most important organs that is present. Being part of the circulatory system heart is very much active and it is the only organ in the body that works relentlessly and never stop or pauses for some rest. This unlimited working proves its importance to be the highest in the body. The main function of the heart is to pump. It helps in pumping the nutrients and minerals and many other things present in the body that needs to be circulated for the functioning of the body. Along with the minerals and nutrients the heart also pumps oxygenated blood to every corner of the body thus providing oxygen to all the portions of the body.

Surgery-related to Heart

Being the most active organ in the body heart and cardiovascular system is very much prone to problems. These problems can be very much dangerous for the body also that can lead up to death also. Cardiologists are the doctors or the physicians that treat Heart and also the cardiovascular system as a whole and also helps in curing them. Cardiac surgery or what is more commonly called as the cardiovascular surgery involves the surgery of vessels of the heart done by the cardiac specialists. Ischemic heart problem is the most common problems which are also called as CABG or Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting. Patients with a congenital heart problem and also heart problems due to the malfunctioning of a valve are very much common. Other cardiac problems involve rheumatic heart disorder, endocarditis, and atherosclerosis etc. Heart transplantation is also very common these days. Open heart surgery is one of the most problematic surgeries that can be done by the cardiac surgeons. The challenges that involve in this surgery is very much uncommon and problematic too. Heart surgery in India is very much common done by expert cardiologists around various parts of the country. Various hospitals with updated instruments and machinery use the treatment for the cure of the severe heart patients.

Risk Associated

Risks associated with open heart surgery involve:

  • Chest wound or infection (very much common for patients suffering from obesity or patients with already CABG surgery done.)
  • Heart attack and cardiac stroke.
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Lung failure and kidney failure sometimes
  • Chest pain along with low fever
  • Memory loss or “mental fuzziness”
  • Blood clot
  • Blood loss
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Pneumonia

After the Surgery

The patients are kept in ICU connected with the monitor and constantly regulated by the nurses. This surgery is very complicated and therefore needs a lot of time. Therefore after leaving the hospitals also patients are advised to have a rest period of at least 4-6 weeks. 


Good and specialist doctors should be consulted if any problem appears regarding to heart for proper treatment and care.

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