Google Chrome - Do NOT download THIS app, it could HACK you

Google Chrome – Do NOT download THIS app, it could HACK you

Google Chrome is the most popular internet browser in the world and nearly all the users rely on this software for internet streaming but you need to remain careful while using this software as hackers and cyber criminals targeting the users of Google Chrome through software.

The users remain careful and rely on the Google Play as the hackers and cyber criminals are working to provide the browser from the external source where users download the software and get attacked according to the security researcher.

The Google Chrome is considered to be the world best and secure browser in the world as millions of people rely on this single platform for internet suffering, emails checking and other activities with the help of software.

Security experts warn to download the software of Chrome only from Google Play Store:

But the fact is that security experts warned the people as they revealed the new software of the browser was unable to detect the phishing attack and it was considered to be the biggest threat ever – the android researcher warned about the threat.

The comprised version of the software contains a piece of malware that can provide access to the hackers to add in the browser and the fraudulent Chrome will record your SMS messages, send messages, record video from a device and even record your location.

The fraudulent software will appear to the people as it is the right browser and even the icons and functions of the browser remain same – this is the reason the detection of a malicious version of the browser was difficult.

The security experts warn to the people as you need to download the world popular software only from the Google Play Store as it doesn’t offer you fake Google Chrome as people who rely on the Google Play Store and download the software from an official Android store don’t need to worry about criminals.

Security experts explain apps:

The security experts of the Android added that the first fake Google Chrome browser was detected in 2015 and few people are still downloading the apps instead of Google Play Store but they need to confirm their security.

This is the issue of the people personal information and data but you need to thanks, Google Play as it provides the secure browser for the users.

The Google Chrome of fake version can’t is downloaded from the Play Store although Google is also working to secure the other apps including certificate used to sign out rootkit malware as it removes 292 apps and providing a secure platform for the users.

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