Getting Married Could ‘Protect Your Health’

Getting Married Could ‘Protect Your Health’

You heard that marriage life provides a wonderful experience to the couple and boost the health of the souls and the new study shows that getting married actually good for your health!

The expert concluded the research over the marriage life of the people and health of their partners where the results are pretty awesome and prompt everyone to live marriage life as a study shows that people with high blood pressure and near to heart disease are more likely increase their survival rates if they are married.

Don’t you believe that? The research was conducted at Aston Medical School in Birmingham where the study focuses towards patients and compared their health to their marital status and found stunning results.Getting Married Could ‘Protect Your Health’

  • The study found that people with high cholesterol are more likely to stay alive with 16 percentages if they are married compared to those who were single.
  • The study shows that people with the deadly disease of disease are more likely to live alive with 14 percent instead of those who were single.
  • The high blood pressure is the most common disease among the people over the age where the teenagers are also getting the same problem but a study shows that these people are more likely to live alive with ten percentage if they are married instead of those who were singletons.
  • The researchers already told in their previous research that marriage will prompt the health of the partner as marriage will prevent the heart disease risk factors and better the surviving chance of the people.
  • The study was conducted on more than 900,000 data of the patients between 2000 and 2013 where the patients are suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes and compare the living status of the people as they are married or single.Getting Married Could ‘Protect Your Health’

The research shows that having someone special in the person live is important, the study shows that there’s something about marriage being protective for the people as the people with the heart disease or other diseases remain protective.

The experts added that we are not saying that everyone should get married, but marriage has positive effects and you should need to support friends, family, and social support network. The study shows that if you having any one of these diseases, then you should need to call your loved ones to help you manage them’.

The medical director added that marriage is not only important for health but it also linked with the longer life too’.

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