Games Of Thrones Latest IS Most Pirated Season Ever In The World

Games Of Thrones Latest IS Most Pirated Season Ever In The World

Games of Thrones were world’s best season and have popularity around the globe but this season was facing different problems from hackers!

Do you also download games of thrones illegally? If yes, then you should surely receive the mail from the internet provider as you are being tracked!

Techs experts have warned that people that are streaming the latest version of games of thrones illegally have been tracked and face problems in near future.

The season was downloaded by millions of people:

  • The Games of thrones latest season has become the most pirated television show in the world. The people from the world attacking the HBO social accounts and channels to get access to the episodes of the latest season.
  • HBO is working hard to stop the people from illegal streaming and connected with different internet service provider to stop the illegal activity. This time company has sent the warnings to the internet provider and people that are streaming illegal activity to warn them about their actions.
  • Many people are downloading the episodes of the latest season from the torrent sites easily but the fact is that these sites store the internet provider (IP) address of the person. This IP address is enough to track the location of the person.
  • The company added that they will take further action against these pirates but at this moment they are sending the warnings to these IP addresses.Games Of Thrones Latest IS Most Pirated Season Ever In The World

The warning messages are: ‘We have information that the IP address known as XX.XXX.XXX.XX was involved in downloading the latest games of Thrones illegally.

You are breaking the copyright rules of the firm, HBO owns the copyright or exclusive rights for Games of Thrones latest season. This is the security risk for your computer, devices, and tablets if you access the season without authentication’

The Games of Thrones made millions of people fan in the world and everyone wants to watch this season. This was the most-awaited season ever and people are asking HBO to release the latest season as early as possible to enjoy the entertainment.

  • This wasn’t the first time that Games of Thrones was pirated illegally; the sixth season of the series was also known as the most pirated season ever in the world.
  • This time HBO was warning the people about their work and providing them information to watch the season legally. People also facing the heavy fines if they’re using the Kodi boxes that are popular to provide illegal streams to the people.
  • However, a company was unable to exactly identify the pirate without going to the court to protect their episodes of the season. There are several ways that help the pirates to hide their internet provider addresses and use fake addresses.Games Of Thrones Latest IS Most Pirated Season Ever In The World

The stats show that Games of Thrones season 7 was streamed illegally 90 million times across the world. The top three countries towards illegal streaming including the United States, UK, and Germany. This figure was higher than any prediction and it shows the popularity of television show in the world.

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