Facebook Introduce ‘Watch’: Direct Challenge To YouTube

Facebook is the most popular social platform in the world and nearly every person in the world consume 30 minutes each day on FB but this time it challenges Google.

Facebook is introducing the platform known as ‘Watch’ – it is the competitor of the YouTube. It’s Mark Zuckerberg’s intention that whenever you visit Facebook then you never need to switch the platform and get entertained with images and videos.

Facebook introduced ‘Watch’:

  • There have been rumors about Facebook that it is working to provide access to the TV-like shows on the social platform and the latest launch will turn rumors to reality.
  • Watch is the Facebook new platform that provides access to watching television shows and all kind of videos that form episodes, live videos or pre-recorded. The platform will follow the theme of the storyline while comments and reactions are the key part of Watch experience.
  • This platform also provides access to the users to discover videos easily on the feed and provide you access to give them a way to create ‘Watchlists’ and an easier way towards following the videos made by a favorite artist.
  • But the awesome moment is the intelligent system of the ‘Watch’ – it will provide you access to watch the videos that are being seen by your friends. You can also watch the videos that are most talked and wait for the videos that make people laugh the most at given time.
  • Facebook is providing the special platform and one shouldn’t need to switch this social network as it provides a complete life of entertainment. This platform is pretty awesome due to a diverse range of content from online personalities.

The exact date for the launch of a feature is not announced by the Facebook but this feature is available to the limited users living in the U.S.  

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