Do You Really Need To Use Deodorant?

Do You Really Need To Use Deodorant?

The holiday season is approaching and many of us planned to visit different beach and areas of the world but rising temperature in summer on the way are often worried.

We are always looking towards the product to protect the body from heavy sweating and invest in the products that remain reliable and stop the body odor but the research shows that plenty of people don’t even require using the deodorant.

  • If you are the lucky person then you must contain the gene called ABCC11 in your body, the person with this gene don’t require to use the deodorant as their bodies never produce body odor.
  • The research was conducted that claims that body with this gene means you are lacking the chemical in armpits that combine with the sweat, bacteria and produce the smelly body odor.
  • The research was conducted on 6459 women and the complete study shows that only two percent of the women i.e. 117 women have the presence of this gene in their body in which nearly 78 percent of women are still using the deodorant.Do You Really Need To Use Deodorant?
  • The research also shows that this gene is available in nearly all the Koreans and Asian where the European people just contains two percent of this gene i.e. they need to use the deodorant for preventing a body from smelly odor.
  • The research also concludes that twenty percent of women that don’t use the deodorant claims their body does not produce the smell.
  • The study also suggests that women with the presence of this gene and their body never produce body odor have dry wax of ear and they are able to secure their money from investing in expensive products of deodorant.

The research was only conducted on the females and concludes the research as general research over the population.

But what if you don’t have this gene?Do You Really Need To Use Deodorant?

  • The people whose body produce the smelly odor and wants to get rid of the situation should need to avoid the use of caffeine ever as it increases the activity of sweat glands.
  • You should need to apply the antiperspirant products on regular basis especially in the night as it will help plug your sweat ducts better at that time instead of morning.
  • You should need to take the hot bath or using the sauna even in the hot temperatures to protect your body from producing disturbing smell as the athletes do the same thing to protect the body.
  • You can either apply the deodorant for the fragrance where one expert added the tip to rub the lemon juice into your armpits.Do You Really Need To Use Deodorant?
  • You can’t believe on this tip but it really helps when a time comes for preventing the body odor as you need to use green tea or hot coffee as they set off your body’s cooling mechanism.

Warning: One thing you must need to remember as these products are linked to cancer whenever they absorbed through the skin as these cases occurred when you use the deodorant product just after shaving the underarm.

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