Difficulties faced by Female Entrepreneurs in Asia

This is an open truth that female entrepreneurs have face many difficulties just because of virtue of their being a female entrepreneurs the female entrepreneurs are referred to whom are running or starts a new venture for their own selves and wants to earn profits, name, fame in the entrepreneurs world thus there are no much scope of female entrepreneurs in Pakistan because our culture did not give permition to females to females that they go outside and work just because they believes that it is men oriented culture not only in Pakistan this believe also in all over the world they all think females are not capable to work within the men oriented culture.

Female Entrepreneurs

The in built confidence that the female entrepreneurs are less capable and efficient in many fields of work then men the major believe is that the females can only work as teacher, nurses, doctors means like caring the people’s field is best for females and they could not perform well in other fields as the men doing the fact is that the females are not bold and harsh to people which is very important for decision making. They had less management qualities then the men entrepreneurs because in a business you have to make quick decisions according to the market but many female entrepreneurs are not eligible to do this because they had not much experience or habit to make decisions on spot it is a human reaction which is less in females then the males’ entrepreneurs.


The other problem is that females are less mobile then the men and this make’s them less efficient then the men because the females feels unsecure when the travel from one place to another specially when it is required that they travel in nights. This aspect take them back and the men win the game by this cause they had lack of research, knowledge, communication and many others. T he social barriers and finance are also there as a problem for a female entrepreneurs like in our culture a female entrepreneur are more doubt full then men when they want loan from the financial institutions.


The financial institutions feel hesitation to advancing the loan to a female entrepreneur they stipulates some extra conditions when they advancing to a female entrepreneur then a men entrepreneur. Consequently females are handicapped by inadequate financial resources and working capital which needs to complete the current operations of a firm because there are a tough competition in market and for surviving you need enough finances if there are any stoppage of operations you will fall and the competitors will ruined your business. Female Entrepreneurs  youblogz

Finance is a key of success for any type of business and female entrepreneur always fight with its shortage. The lack of market information also another difficulty for a female entrepreneur for surviving in the market a entrepreneur must have updated values of market and it is found by research that the female entrepreneur depends on their employees information and did not search the market by their own selves some times it become harm full for the firm.

The legal issues and the legal formalities are much disturbing for a female entrepreneur because many females have no idea about the laws regulations and its procedures which take them to the extreme frustration level which effect the firm’s worth and its working because the female entrepreneur are stereotyped and have less patience then the male entrepreneur because they has less experienced and they also had no idea how to over come these issues.

In many cases the families are not supported they said to refrain to do these types of activities but a female struggle to create her own business and name in entrepreneurs world   and this situation is very tight to establish a business. At last it is conclude females are struggling for their selves and facing many problems but they still working and earning, establishing, and make their on name in market and also contribute in the economy.

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