‘Deadpool 2’ Stunt Women Killed In Motorcycle Crash On Set

Deadpool 2’ Stunt Women Killed In Motorcycle Crash On Set

Have you watched out the movie Deadpool? This time the producers and actors are working for the second installment of the movie but the miserable event occurred on the event.

The production of the second installment of the movie shut downs immediately and there’s no word when the filming of the movie will continue to the death of stunt driver was happened on the set. This is the second on-set death in North America in the month.

The stuntwomen were the professional bike rider of the country:‘Deadpool 2’ Stunt Women Killed In Motorcycle Crash On Set

  • The stuntwomen were recognized with the name of ‘SJ Harris’ and were died during the shooting of motorbike scene that went wrong.
  • Harris was the popular stuntwomen and working for actress Zazie Beets was actually born in Brooklyn, New York and known as professional bike driver.
  • She was the first licensed black women that remain able to achieve her name in AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) motorcycle racing events as she was the perfect driver of the bike and Deadpool 2 was her first movie to work as a stunt driver.
  • She also posted her series of photographs on the social media and added that ‘just taking in the series’ and was completely professional one.‘Deadpool 2’ Stunt Women Killed In Motorcycle Crash On Set

An eyewitness of the accident:

  • The details of the accident were soon received to the media but the witness added that she had to perform the bike stunt and actually lost her balance and crashed through a plate-glass window.
  • The fact is that she was the professional driver and actually completed this stunt for the four times but lost her motorbike balance when she was attempting it for the fifth time.
  • The studio production also claims the same thing that she had practiced this stunt for the complete previous day and fails to achieve the goal during the final shooting.
  • Another eyewitness of the scene added that the accelerator of the bike was pretty fast when it seemed to slow as she took the corner.
  • Harry was also not wearing the helmet while attempting to make the stunt because the character doesn’t wear the helmet.‘Deadpool 2’ Stunt Women Killed In Motorcycle Crash On Set

The accident happens early in the morning:

  • The accident occurred early in the morning at 8.20 am on Monday and the police and ambulance will rush towards the incident.
  • The vehicle that was lying on the road will remain at the position for next 45 minutes and the body will reach a hospital without lights and siren.‘Deadpool 2’ Stunt Women Killed In Motorcycle Crash On Set

Deadpool crew was unhappy with the loss of stuntwomen:

  • The whole crew feel sad and sorry for the family of the women as the director of Deadpool 2 added that ‘I am deeply saddened by the loss of best stunt performer in the world and I have no words to express this tragedy’
  • The Deadpool star also took the event to the social media added that ‘I and my team pay tribute to the best performer Harris, my heart pours to them and every person she touched in this world’

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