Cartier diamond ring worth £750,000 lost from British Museum

Cartier diamond ring worth £750,000 lost from British Museum

The British museum lost the Cartier diamond ring worth £750,000 revealed that museum should need extra security procedures.

The Cartier diamond ring of £750,000 was lost in 2011 and police departments are working hard to find the secret against the lost but remain unable.

This time security departments should require increasing the police and camera access to the museum and taking a special eye on the working staff of the museum.

A diamond ring was denoted by anonymous:Cartier diamond ring worth £750,000 lost from British Museum

  • The person that donates the precious diamond ring to the museum wants to remain anonymous. The Cartier is one of the finest precious materials in the world and the most expensive jewelry.
  • The material was favorite of many celebrities including Princess Diana and Duchess of Cambridge and the ring looks like dates from 1960’s or 1970’s.

Loss of diamond ring in 2011:

  • The museum staff made the report in early 2011 towards the loss of diamond ring and raises a variety of questions towards the security of the museum.
  • The museum added that they had lost the Cartier diamond ring but it never becomes a part of public display yet and it was found mission on the location where it was designated.
  • The ring was not found at its proper location – the place where different assets of the museum should rely on and raise the questions towards the working staff as this area was not accessible to the public. This area was known as study area of the museum.

The officials close this case and designated as loss of museum:

  • The police team had inquired this case for five years and doesn’t find anything related to the loss of diamond ring and if the ring was misplaced raise the question toward poor management of the museum.
  • The officials are agreed to close the case and declared that it was the loss of the museum and the diamond ring was lost by the museum.
  • The museums should need to take the security of the museum pretty serious as it was the UK’s finest public museum and the staff was hired to protect these precious materials.

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