Apple’s Hey SIRI Event

The day All Apple lovers around the globe wait for. We are expecting to see new Apple phone, we could also be in for a surprise to see a up graded version of Apple TV. New Siri ready Apple TV will transform your home.

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iPhone 6s and 6s plus lovers will not be disappointed as there are reports of tons of stuff to enjoy your mobile even more with a badass camera 6s, gamer-friendly and Siri powered Apple TV, also the arrival of the so called iPad pro, and most likely unveiling of new iPad mini. Expect to hear more about watchOS 2 and iOS 9. Don’t be thinking the day will be just be all about iPhone. Apples looking to turn Apple TV into its own platform and make smarter Siri central to the user experience. The little black box could be the only entertainment gadget you will need in your living room besides an actual TV.


The new iPhone 6s is most likely going to be looking the same the iPhone 6.  Don’t be thinking there’S no changes been made where it counts. As it will be much better than the previous 6 model. Expect faster processor, force Touch capabilities and a strong chassis. Most awaited change will be insanely terrific camera.




Apple lovers have been waiting since 2013 for meaningful update. It looks like this the years where your wishes have been answered  with Apple TV expected to get better processor, more onboard storage, new SDK for custom Apple TV apps, new Siricapabilities and new exciting remote with touchpad and array sensors.

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Manny of components needed for gaming will come with the box. We expecting it to have more power for better graphics. The remote will be used as a controller and an App Store to buy and download games.

WatchOS 2 iOS 9


Siri being the star of Apple TV show, you can expect updates in the latest Apple’s mobile operating systems. We pretty much know what to expect from iOS 9 thanks a public beta test.



Alongside the brand new iPhone, we are expecting to hear about iOS 9 and its official date. What can we expect from iOS 9? You can expect iOS 9 is proactive, which aims to make iPhone experience more easier by learning your habits and suggesting apps and actions.


If you used to listing to music at certain time like when working out in gym your iPhone will notice this. It’l will learn your habits, and when you plug your headphones, your iPhone should provide you with a lock screen shortcut to the music app.iOS 9 will also have better battery life.



We all have been waiting for iPad pro. Our Sources saying Apple is preparing a base model storage capacity of 64GB on its 12.9 inc tablet, with 128GB model.


The 12.9 inch tablet is said yo boost the split screen capabilities which was introduced for iPad Air 2 with the forthcoming iOS 9. Apps will run at full iPad size in split screen. Due to its larger size the iPad pro will four speakers, two more than usual. Rumors are that there won’t be a USB-C port.

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