Amazon’s New Echo Look Has Built-in Camera for Selfies to Help You Choose What to Wear

Amazon has introduced the latest feature to its virtual assistant which provides hands-free access to the camera and captures photos; videos on voice command and Alexa will also provide the fashion advice!

Having you ever thought of taking advice from the machine about fashion or want to take advice from the expertise then Echo look provide you access to take advice from the fashion designers due to the intelligent machine learning – let’s have look towards the different mechanism of the latest device.

Amazon has unveiled Echo Look:

Amazon has unveiled the Echo look device defined as the bedroom companion that provides you new voice-controlled selfie camera which is available at the price of $200 and the camera comes along with the four LEDs for lighting and a powerful system just like other Amazon products to receive the voice commands.

The Amazon Echo look camera is designed in such a way to sit on a shelf or other surface of the home and also work as the fashion assistant or style assistant as it captures the pictures and the device is powered with the intelligent assistant Alexa.

  • Camera with depth-sensor:

The camera provides you depth-sensor where you can blur the background of the pictures and talk to the device to pass the command to take the full picture or take a short video and the device provides you access to see yourself from any angle.

  • Personal Lookbook:

The app provides you access towards personal lookbook which provides you a recommendation based on your daily look and judges the most appropriate dress for that moment.

  • Style Check algorithm:

If you are still looking for the second opinion rather than your personal book then it provides you access towards the Style check where you need to submit your two dress and the algorithm works on the machine learning advice from the fashion experts.

The algorithm will start working on your two outfits and compare the results based on the color, fit, styling and current trends and provides you great access towards the machine learning algorithm.

The developers also describe that these decisions get better on the regular basis due to the feedback of the users and input from our team of fashion expertise.

  • Extra features:

The main theme of the device is mentioned above but the fact is that this device is capable of performing all the other activities of the Echo device such as including play music, get the headlines and many other activities of the Alexa.

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