All You Need To Know About Age Of Empire IV

All You Need To Know About Age Of Empire IV

Entertainment is the demand of lifestyle! It relaxes the person and releases the working pressure and stress. The games are the great addition every person life and people are crazy about gaming zone.

Microsoft has recently announced the latest news about Age of Empire that makes gamer’s crazy as they are revealing the new installment of the game.

The firm has confirmed the reveal of Age of Empire fourth edition and they had announced the statement at Gamescom video game conference after putting its brand new Xbox console for pre-order.

Microsoft confirmed the new installment of a game:

  • This was the first development of the game since the Age of Empire III was released in 2005. This was one of the best strategy games in the world and gamers love to enjoy every single moment of the game.
  • Microsoft has released the trailer for the latest edition but this trailer never contains the detailed information about the latest edition. But it facilitates the people with short information.
  • The previous part of the game just focuses towards the short time period in history but this edition was seemed to focus towards multiple time periods. The trailer of the game shows the pinnacle of Roman Empire, Native Americans, and banners of multiple Japan clans.

When will Age of Empire IV available to people?All You Need To Know About Age Of Empire IV

  • Microsoft studio announced after a decade when Age of Empire III was launched and added that Age of Empire was coming to the PC soon.
  • They had just released the trailer but the exact date for the launch of the game did not announce yet.
  • The game was filled with historical battles and making fans crazy and excited towards latest edition.

Age of Empire is real-time strategy game:All You Need To Know About Age Of Empire IV

  • The first part of a game was released in 1997 and was the first real-time strategy game as players had to guide their troops through Stone Age.
  • Later, they had released the second part of the game known as Age of Empire II in 1999.
  • The third part of a game was released in 2005 with the addition of plenty of features to the game.
  • The third part will focus on the colonial period with the addition of new game mechanism.

Age of Empire IV:All You Need To Know About Age Of Empire IV

It was not yet clear about the exact strategy of the game and where will it fit in the history? The choice of developer shows that it fits with the more traditional approach to the series.

The blog post of developers shows that ‘We are excited to work on the legendary game and working hard to provide the complete version as soon as possible. We look forward to sharing more information in coming months but this time we just shared a trailer for gamers’

The age of empire IV is available to the people with the Windows 10 version and it also released the Age of Empire: Definitive Edition on October 19.

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