5 Silent Symptoms Stress Is Making You Sick

5 Silent Symptoms Stress Is Making You Sick

Stress can easily impact your mental and physical health. Chronic exposure to high level of stress lead to numerous health problems for people including heart attacks, depression, anxiety and even death.

Dealing with stress is not as difficult as people thought but it requires right skills and information. So, it is important to recognize stress symptoms and when stress levels are actually getting out of control. You have to recognize it within time else it develops into serious health problems.

If you have any of these symptoms, your stress might be making you sick:

  1. Getting headaches:5 Silent Symptoms Stress Is Making You Sick

You’re a normal person but suddenly your head is constantly pounding, you might be too stressed. The fact is that stress releases chemicals that cause changes in nerves and blood vessels. This is the reason we got headaches and our brain doesn’t work properly. Even when your muscles tense up, it also causes a headache. The simple solution towards a headache is to dab peppermint oil on temples or there is a number of home remedies to reduce headaches.

  1. You always have a cold:5 Silent Symptoms Stress Is Making You Sick

When a person is facing the stress then it is difficult to combat bugs. It is one of the worst situations and makes it easier for you to get sick. Actually, stress suppresses the immune system and the study also show it. A survey shows that people getting stress are more likely to get sick as compared to others. One study also shows that stress hormones may stimulate the production of IgE, a blood protein that causes an allergic reaction. Meditation, regular exercise and plenty of sleep helps you de-stress and boost your immune system.

  1. Itchy skin also causes stress:5 Silent Symptoms Stress Is Making You Sick

There is one study in Japan showing people with itchy skin are more likely to become a victim with stress as compared to those without it. This is true that itchy skin causes stress to the person as a person always remain tense towards their appearance. What do you think about acne as a nightmare? But what when a mess of pimples pop out on a face? It also causes stress to the people. When you’re stressed your body causes skin glands to produce more oil.

  1. Your brain feels fuzzy:5 Silent Symptoms Stress Is Making You Sick

It is true, whenever you’re stressed you’re unable to focus and concentrate on your tasks. The fact is that stress hormones make it harder for you to stay focus on goals and causes memory problems. The best solution towards this condition is to relax as much as you can. You have to practice closing your eyes and breathe in and out slowly.

  1. Hair falling:5 Silent Symptoms Stress Is Making You Sick

Do you start losing hair strands? If so, then it is also a reason that you’re getting stress. When you get stress, it disturbs your immune system and starts hair fall. The best solution is to remain calm in this kind of situation. Once your stress level is normal then your hair starts growing back.

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