5 fashion trends that will take over 2018

Fashion is a need for our living nowadays. Everyone wants to be updated with the new fashion. But fashion changes with time. Just like if you still wear old baggy pants, you look odd. And also look different from the society.

New fashion comes with the seasons. Here are some of the trends that are going to take over 2018:

Using fanny packs:

We were using fanny packs from the 1980s. But now they are in fashion. You can use these fanny packs as a fashion.  You can carry money and other necessaries by using this. Celebs like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid are sported with fanny packs. They were using fanny packs with the avatar on it. These wearable pouches are gonna take over the handbags.

Darker Denim:

Denim is very popular among all ages. It is safe to say, that Denims is one of the most favorite wears of people since 1900s. Denim fabric looks cool on everyone. Forget the reliable skinny jeans and find a cool denim jacket for yourself. Denim never fails to surprise their customers. This year Denims make their wear darker. You try this trend by balancing it with other accessories and footwear and you are ready to go.

Athletic wear goes retro:

Sportswear becomes reign in 2018… yoga pants, sneakers, legging and shorts that look like sportswear are characterized as fashionable athletic wear. These athletic wear are becoming common among the people. Nostalgia is driving this into fashion very fast. Relaxed and hint of old-school vibes now becomes a new fashion.

Culture rich trends:

Never goes out of vision, fringes a rich cultural trend is back in fashion. Fringe had made a huge comeback in 2018. Fringes are easy to make. Seams were slipped into fringes to make them more decorative. Any other excess material can be used to make fringes and to embellish your clothes. It comes a long way from glamorous add-ons in the 1920s to 1970s as casual identities. Fringe has been trending for a couple of seasons. It is a trend that continues to pop-up.

Pastels colors:

Delicate sugared almond shades make themselves a trend in 2018. Summers takes the pasture hue… now it is time for floral and primary colors. Pastel will give you a glamorous look. Floral prints became famous in women as well as in men. So next time when you find some ice cream shade don’t hesitate to buy it.


If you find these following trends attractive. Then stock your wardrobe with denim, pastels and floral and make a statement that you are following 2018 trends.

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