4 Disgusting Things That Happens To Your Feet

4 Disgusting Things That Happens To Your Feet

Everyone in-universe wants to look beautiful and takes care of their facial beauty and clothes. But whether you notice your feet every time? Usually, your feet have a good reputation as they remain in clothes all day and must be clean. But what if you walk bare feet at your home?

Actually when you walk barefoot then there’s a chance that germs get to stick with your feet. If you forgot to wash them in a shower then seriously gross stuff can happen to your paws. But you don’t need to worry as your feet problems can easily treatable and normal. Let’s have look towards some frequent foot problems and how you keep the foot fresh.

  1. Skin growing around nails:4 Disgusting Things That Happens To Your Feet

It is one of the most frequent feet nail problems as skin starts growing around nails. Do you ever face such kind of condition? Don’t worry as it happens when you forgot to cut your nails properly. There’s also a chance that skin grows in nails naturally. You don’t need to cut down into corners and always cut down toenails slightly rounded. If it ever grows into your feet then try to soak your feet in warm water and add some Epsom salts.

  1. Thickened, discolored nails:4 Disgusting Things That Happens To Your Feet

If you ever feel such kind of condition then chances you have got a nail fungus. Actually it fungus usually occurs from micro-trauma as fungus resides in everyone’s shoes. You don’t need to worry about such sort of condition as it is usually normal condition among people. It is worth noting that you can spray some anti-fungal spray on your shoes and on your feet to stay away.

  1. Black toenails:4 Disgusting Things That Happens To Your Feet

Do you love to run and play outside every time? If so, then there’s a chance that you got black toenails as it is common among such sort of people. Actually, nails remain jam into an end of shoes and create a blood blister that will give the black appearance. Just remember doctors’ advice as you don’t need to take the nail off as it is already dead. You can also soak your feet in the warm water and your nails will start growing back naturally.

  1. Cracked, bleeding feet:4 Disgusting Things That Happens To Your Feet

Such a worst condition ever occurs in your life – the fact is that in this kind of condition you don’t need to use more moisturizer. It actually happens due to a fungal infection that can lead to red, peeling and bleeding soles. If you are suffering such kind of condition, then you should look towards anti-fungal cream once or twice a day.

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